Building Effective Presentations

Throughout your professional life, you have to analyze, present and/or write up business situations in a number of different areas. This course offers a structured process to allow your audience to follow your thought process thus increasing your presentation’s overall effectiveness. You will leave with the tools necessary to make strong and convincing arguments when presenting to your clients, colleagues or superiors.

What will you learn?

  • Deliver a clear message
  • Adapt your speech to your audience
  • Manage your body language effectively
  • Focus on your own speaking style
  • Leverage visual aids to support your message

Why should you take this course?

This course is for you if you are looking to refine your presentation structure, content and style. You will learn how to present at your best and inspire confidence while avoiding common mistakes. Adjusting the presentation to your audiences may very well make the difference between success and failure.

Course Content

Define Your Message

  • Be clear as to the type of presentation you are making
  • Frame and build a business case

Structuring Your Presentation

  • Sequence your ideas and messages
  • Use the right template and review your decision criteria

Understand Your Audience

  • Target your message
  • Tell a compelling story
  • Capture people’s attention

Influence Your Audience Effectively

  • Build your personal credibility
  • Persuade, sell and influence
  • Inspire others with the proper attitude

Creating Impact

  • Select impactful messages, mediums and visuals
  • Apply effective techniques and keep it simple

Manage Your Stress Level

  • Respond to questions effectively
  • Reduce stress by being prepared

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