Building Resilience in a Changing and Thriving Workplace

Today’s organizational realities are creating overwhelming stress. Anxieties about job security, tensions stemming from reorganization, and fatigue created by heavy workloads, create a perfect storm. This highly participative workshop helps participants to tune in to workplace sources of stress and leave with the tools to take action to minimize the negative effects.

What will you learn?

  • Understand workplace stress
  • Recognize Symptoms
  • Identify the common sources
  • Set goals and action plan
  • Use available resources
  • Monitor progress

Why should you take this course?

This course is for you if you are finding that workplace stress is interfering with productivity and performance. A person’s ability to deal with stress can mean the difference between career success and failure. You will learn to manage your sources of stress and optimize your performance results as well as support your employees/colleagues manage their stress so that they too can meet expectations.

Course Content

Understand Stress

  • Define stress and burnout
  • Symptoms and sources
  • Effective strategies: 10 Best practices
  • Organizational resources and managerial responsibility
  • A process for life: Awareness, Assessment, Action

Phase 1: Awareness

  • Recognize the signs of stress and their impact
  • Articulate a vision for the future

Phase 2: Assessment

  • Identify sources of stress and setting priorities
  • Evaluate individual capacity to deal with situational factors
  • Validate the assessment
  • Offer assistance to others

Phase 3: Action

  • Set goals and action planning
  • Identify appropriate responses to situational stress
  • Remove obstacles to action
  • Monitor results: Staying on track
  • Build stress hardiness for life

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