Making Effective Decisions

We are faced with decisions every day. What distinguishes a great leader is the ability to make effective decisions under pressure. The ability to analyze data, weigh alternatives and formulate a solution in a timely manner are invaluable skills in today's business world, and will help you stand out from the rest.

What will you learn?

  • Clarify complex situations or ideas
  • Analyze, select and gain buy-in for your decisions
  • Assess the importance of data and other information
  • Generate creative and alternative solutions to overcome challenges

Why should you take this course?

This course is for you if your organization routinely relies on you to make decisions. Being able to confidently make recommendations based on effective research and analysis is an invaluable skill, and this course will teach you how to be more efficient, effective and confident in the decision-making process.

Course Content

Integrated Approach

  • Insights, tools and models
  • Characteristics of successful problem solvers
  • Long-term thinking and intelligent opportunism
  • Levels and responsibilities
  • Critical thinking and problem solving in daily management

Analyze Data

  • Managing your overall data
  • Turn data into information
  • Use information for problem-solving and decision-making

Make Effective Decisions

  • Maximize value in your choices
  • Evaluate and select solutions based on key criteria
  • Learn why good leaders make bad decisions
  • Identify red flags in your critical thinking and decision-making

Criteria for a Successful Decision

  • Consider the impact on different programs, groups and interests
  • Analyze your ideas versus your organization’s needs and limitations using critical thinking assessments

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