Managing Group Dynamics

As organizations continue to “flatten” their structures, employees are increasingly working in teams. Work is getting done less through leadership that is controlling and directing and more through coordinating and collaborating employees’ efforts. It is estimated that we spend between thirty and fifty percent of our work-days in meetings – yet recent studies show that much of that time is wasted.

Understanding the impact of group dynamics, how to facilitate groups and hold productive meetings – are becoming increasingly critical competencies.

What will you learn?

  • Understand the role and impact of the facilitator in creating positive results
  • Identify and solve problems that can undermine the group process
  • Get sound facilitation tools and tips
  • Learn strategies on how to motivate and empower teams
  • Use the keys to effective meetings

Why should you take this course?

This course is for you, whether or not you are in a formal leadership role, if you would like to increase your understanding of how to contribute to effective team development, manage group dynamics and hold productive meetings.

Course Content

Facilitate Effectively

  • Understand the scope, responsibilities, power and challenges of facilitation
  • Follow the “5 rules for effective facilitation” to create positive results
  • Ensure that the physical space supports desired outcomes and participation
  • Incorporate approaches that engage participants

Hold Productive Meetings

  • Understand and incorporate the different group roles required
  • Incorporate the “Keys for effectiveness” in preparing for and conducting your meetings

Individual and Group Dynamics

  • Understand and balance different interpersonal needs
  • Appreciate and leverage diversity within the group
  • Understand how to motivate and empower teams
  • Make effective interventions

“CoachingOurselves” Process

  • CoachingOurselves was introduced in 2007 to bring Professor Henry Mintzberg’s approach to management and leadership development directly into the workplace

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