Leveraging Social Media for Success

This course introduces current trends in social media and how businesses and individuals can leverage them as opportunities to generate leads, create an online presence, and build effective relationships with customers. Participants will acquire tools, insights and strategies to produce measurable results within their organizations. The course is delivered in an interactive manner to help participants develop hands-on skills as social media action-takers.

What will you learn?

  • Become familiar with current social media trends and how businesses can leverage them to generate results
  • Use social media platforms to generate leads
  • Build and maintain effective relationships with customers through social media
  • Develop an action plan by analyzing a case study of a successful social media strategy

Why should you take this course?

With thousands of social media tools and options available, it is easy to get lost in the mix. This course explores essential topics in social media marketing including lead generation, online reputation management, web analytics, social media strategies/action plans and more to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.

Course Content

Understand the Essentials of Social Media Marketing

  • Explore best practices in social media
  • Determine how social media fits within the marketing mix

Reach Target Customers and Online Influencers

  • Identify online customer and influencer segments
  • Discover where to find target customers

Select the Right Social Media Platform

  • Compare leading platforms
  • Understand their web analytics services

Create Value to Attract Customer

  • Capture attention with powerful content to acquire and retain customers
  • Create repeat buyers and word-of-mouth marketing

Learn-by-doing Activity

  • Practice putting strategies into action with a case study project

Sustain Ongoing Success

  • Explore ideas to keep content fresh and active
  • Create an action plan to implement back in the workplace

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