Selling your ideas, projects, and initiatives

The ability to present your ideas and initiatives to stakeholders is key to succeeding in the business world. Through a blend of presentations, individual and group exercises, case studies and role plays, this interactive course will equip you with tools and strategies to effectively pitch and sell your ideas and projects to colleagues, managers, clients and other decision makers.

What will you learn?

  • Leveraging the two key elements people really buy
  • Generating an effective value creation process
  • Avoiding the transactional focus – the old-school approach
  • Optimizing the consultative focus – the high-return approach

Why should you take this course?

Leaders across industry sectors are known to have expertise in the area of selling their vision and gaining buy-in for their ideas. As a professional in your field, these competencies impact how you work with others to achieve goals, conclude agreements, negotiate for resources and advance your career.

Course Content


  • Defining your idea or project
  • Understanding the political landscape
  • Anticipating needs and wants of the stakeholders
  • Getting prepared to meet the key stakeholders


  • Creating value for the stakeholders
  • Crafting the right questions to create insight
  • Extracting contextual and technical information


  • Formalizing an agreement
  • Determining who does what and when
  • Planning the definitive next steps


  • Crafting the right recommendations
  • Presenting your recommendation
  • Enhancing the value of your recommendations vs. the required budget

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